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Web design

I am planning to retire in Summer 2021 so I am not taking on any new web sites.

Initial stage

Anne will meet you  to determine what you want your website to do for you and how you wish it to look.  She can advise on selecting a domain name. She will register it for you but you will own it.

An estimate will be sent to you, and unless you change your specification significantly, that is what you pay.


You will provide Anne with text and images - or you will tell her what you want to say and she'll do it for you.  All sites are designed to your requirements,  "off the shelf" templates  are not used. Anne will also design your site so that can be viewed on phones and tablets as well as laptops and pcs.


A test site will be created which you will be able to look at - sometimes what looks good on paper doesn't look right on a screen.  It will be tested in different browsers and for viewing on phones and tablets. We will work together on the look and feel of the site until you are happy with it.


At this time, e-mail addresses will be set up, the package includes 10 e-mail addresses.


With your approval, the site will be loaded on to your domain for the world to see.  The site will be registered with Google.

Keeping your site up to date

The information on the site will need to be updated from time to time.  Most customers find it easier to let Anne do that for them, she will do this for you as promptly as  possible,  leaving you to concentrate on your business.  There is no minimum charge for updating, Anne will log the time taken and invoice you.

If you want to update parts of the site yourself, Anne can show you how to do it, however you will need to buy some (inexpensive) software.

Promoting your site

The site will be created with search engines in mind but to help your site gain maximum publicity you need to make sure that you promote your site wherever and whenever you can.

Domain names

Those with .uk endings (eg .co.uk or .org.uk) cost  £30 for 2 years and  .com  .org  etc. cost  £47 for 2 years.

Web Hosting

The placement of your website on the Internet is  through a server. Packages are priced according to size so that you pay for what you need.  Hosting costs start from £70 a year, this size of site will provide enough space for most new customers and you can increase it whenever needed.

Hosting only packages

Anne does not offer hosting only packages.

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